Deploying serverless with Zeit Now

Node/npm will be required on your machine in order to deploy XYZ. Installing node will vary depending on your operating system. npm is required to install the Zeit Now CLI.

With the Zeit Now CLI installed an XYZ instance can be deployed directly from the GitHub repository.

now geolytix/xyz

This will deploy the XYZ master branch from the GitHub repository with zero configurations.

You can now follow the link from the now deployment output and will see the zero configuration map in your browser.

Zeit Now environment variables can be added using the -e option. These environment variables which are available to the Node process allow to configure a custom environment for a deployment.

now geolytix/xyz \
-e DIR="/demo" \
-e ALIAS=”” \
-e PRIVATE="postgres://user:***|demo.users" \
-e SECRET="***" \
-e TRANSPORT="***" \
-e WORKSPACE="postgres://user:***|demo.settings" \
-e DBS_XYZ="postgres://user:***" \
-e KEY_MAPBOX="access_token=**.***.***"